• Over 10 years on the market.
  • Implementation of over 18 large-scale projects.
  • Annual turnover of up to Rb 1,5bn.
  • Own professionally trained building teams.
  • Own fleet of special machinery and equipment.

Effective Construction

EFFICIENCY and FLEXIBILITY are the main guiding principles of the PromStroy Group.
Urgency and adequacy are the principles we are guided by in our work in order to be efficient.

We always look forward to effective cooperation and we are prepared to offer our customers the following:

- Fixed contract price;

- Fixed time-limits for project implementation;

- Our Company is as a flexible partner. Our customers may choose the package of building and installation jobs and services they need. For example, they may order:

  • design alone
  • supply of equipment and/or materials alone
  • building and installation jobs alone

The Main Lines of Activities

Comprehensive “turnkey” construction project management (EPC/EPCM) at different stages, including, but not limited to:

  • development of design documentation (without subcontracting);
  • securing of approvals and technical specifications from supervising authorities;
  • fulfilment of a general contract on construction;
  • fulfilment of individual types of jobs by agreement with the customer.

The Company carries out comprehensive procurement of construction projects and upgrading and restructuring of large industrial facilities, including selection and supply of different-purpose engineering and special technological equipment.

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