PromStroy Group of Companies includes:

  • Building Company
  • Design and Engineering Center
  • Reinforced concrete goods production plant
  • Metal construction manufacturer
  • Sandwich panel production plant

EFFICIENCY and FLEXIBILITY are the main principles of the PromStroy Group of Companies.

The PromStroy Building Company is a member of the Association of General Contractors in Construction, No. S-3-15-1906.
The Company specializes in management of large-scale building projects: industrial facilities, warehousing facilities and fuel and energy facilities.

The Company has its own design and engineering unit which can carry out within the shortest time-limits analysis of the existing design and provide advice on optimization of existing design options to reduce the cost and time-limits of building for customers.
Thanks to its own installation work teams, production capacities and fleet of specialized building machinery and equipment, the PromStroy Group of Companies is able to ensure substantial reduction of the cost of a project and its time-limits without detriment to the quality of work.

The AVA-BETON Company is the first company in Moscow that started to specialize on production of modern prefabricated reinforced concrete.
The AVA-BETON Company’s production is based on long-term use of advanced experience and state-of-the-art technologies which permit to comply with the rule: THE QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY! 

With effective use of modern technologies in production, the Company manufactures a wide range of custom-made prefabricated reinforced concrete products which meet Russian and international standards. Prefabricated reinforced concrete production technology permits to build industrial facilities, logistics centers, retail and business centers, apartment houses, office buildings, partings, sport facilities and other.

AVA-BETON high-skilled experts produce the following factory-made constructions:

  • high-quality exterior«sandwich» panels with all sorts of external surface finishing (open surface finish, tiles, matrices, granite and other);
  • socle façade and wall panels;
  • columns;
  • roof beams;
  • ceiling girders;
  • custom-made cross-beams of any design.

The EnergoProject-Stalkonstruktsia Company is a major metal construction manufacturer with highly automated production processes ranging from design and programing to manufacturing.

Programed cutting and processing of holes in structural units for subsequent mounting on the project site ensure high accuracy of manufacturing of structural units and high pace of core and shell works. Metal constructions’ high-quality overall corrosion protection of the entire metal surface, welding seam surfaces and weld-affected zones is done at the automated shot-blasting and finishing line.

The EnergoProject-Stalkonstruktsia plant is a leader in metal construction manufacturing in Russia’s North-West.

The TekhnoStil Company is building its future on the basis of actual demands and trends prevailing on the Russian building market.
In 2015, the TekhnoStil Company is one of the top three major sandwich panel manufacturers.

The TekhnoStil Company has amassed vast experience in supplying sandwich panels to various types of projects in different climate zones and proved itself as a reliable partner. The Company is a leader as regards output volumes. At the plant, the following equipment is installed: the Puma line(Italy) with output capacity of 2m sq. meters a year, two Duemas Technology lines (the UK) with the capacity of 1.5m sq. meters a year, two CANNON lines for production of insulated sandwich panels (2.5m sq. meters a year) and the FATA steel paint coating line (Italy).

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