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Ghelamco Group is a leading European developer operating on the market of office and residential properties and development of logistics and entertainment centers. The company’s first-rate projects on Belgian, Dutch, French, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian markets are characterized by a strategic location and effective design solutions. The company was founded by Paul Geizensom in Belgium in 1985. 

ТEK МОSENERGO is a major Russian engineering  company whose main line of business is designing and building of heat, hydro and nuclear generation projects and power supply network facilities both in Russia and abroad, as well as implantation of large-scale projects in the industrial engineering sector.

SRV Group (founded in 1987) is one of Finland’s five top largest building companies. The company offers comprehensive solutions on commercial and residential property development:  investment planning, designing, building, commercialization and property management. Apart from Finland, the SRV Group carries out operations in Russia and Estonia. In Russia, the company specializes on commercial property development and management.

LUKOIL is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated oil and gas companies. LUKOIL accounts for over 2% of the global oil production and about 1% of established hydrocarbon deposits. With the entire production cycle under its control, the company supervises the entire production chain from oil and gas production to sales of petrochemicals. Over 110,000 persons join their efforts and skills to ensure the company’s leading positions on the market.

Pelikan-Avto Company has been operating on the Russian automotive market since 1996. It is the official dealer of such automotive brands as Nissan, Shkoda and BMW.

Stroitelny Alyans Holding provides economically weighted, ready-made solutions for effective investments on the industrial property market. The group has been operating on the investment and development markets for over 20 years and provides a full package of services and professional management of local development and investment business.  

GK Vesta Park was established in 2003. The group supplies enclosing structures for building of industrial, retail and warehousing facilities and carries out project management and general contract.

Parastek Beton  has successfully operated on the Russian market for over 20 years and put into operation over 250 projects. The Pasastek Beton Company provides a wide range of services and products for construction of buildings with use of prefabricated reinforced concrete. It carries out designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation of reinforced concrete framing and facades. The Pasastek Beton Company was the first company on the Russian market to offer custom-made products.

MORTON Group of Companies is a leading Russian developer which has been operating on the market for 22 years.  The group specializes on development in and around Moscow of large-scale residential neighborhoods with complete social and engineering infrastructure for comfortable living, education and recreation.

FormaPharm Engineering Group was founded in Belgrade in 1993 as a consulting center for implementation of comprehensive projects in the pharmaceutical industry. It is noteworthy that along with a large number of accomplished and undergoing projects in its own country the group made deals on markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. In the above countries, the group carries out projects for large German pharmaceutical companies, such as Stada AG.

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