• Production of reinforced concrete goods (AVA Beton Company).
  • Manufacturing of metal constructions (EnergoProject-Stalkonstruktsia Plant).
  • Sandwich panel production (TEKHNOSTIL).
  • Product quality guarantee.
  • Timely fulfilment of orders.
  • Strict compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Customized approach.

Production Facilities

Substantial reduction of the cost of the project and building timelimits without a detriment to the quality thereof to the Customer is feasible among other things thanks to our long-standing parners' own production capacities.

The AVA BETON reinforced concrete production plant carries out designing, manufacturing and delivery of modern prefabricated reinforced concrete constructions and a wide range of custom-made reinforced concrete goods which comply with Russian and international standards.    

The EnergoProject-Stalkonstruktsia Plant is a large enterprise with highly automated production processes ranging from planning and design to manufacturing of metal constructions. The enterprise is equipped with state-of-the-art Russian and foreign machinery.
With these metal constructions used in building of projects, the time spent on installation is reduced tenfold as compared to utilization of traditional materials. 

The TekhnoStil Company is one of the top three major sandwich panel producers. The company has amassed vast experience in delivering sandwich panels to various projects in different climate zones and proved itself as a reliable supplier.
From 2015, the company has been producing polyurethane foam (PUR) and polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) insulated sandwich panels at its own production FATA line (Italy).

The Main Types of Products

AVA BETON products

  • high-quality exterior “sandwich” panels with all sorts of external surface finishing (open surface finish, tiles, matrices, granite and other);
  • socle façade and wall panels;
  • ladders, flight of stairs and staircases;
  • columns of any configuration and size;
  • custom-made girders, beams and cross-beams (stressed and reinforced concrete ones);
  • TT-type slabs;
  • custom-made cross-beams of any design;
  • sliding stair-step beams;
  • stadium stand components.

Products of the EnergoProject-Stalkonstruktsia Plant: 

  • light metal constructions for pre-fabricated buildings;
  • standard shells for any architectural projects;
  • auxiliary constructions:  staircases, fencing and playgrounds;
  • basins, silos, tank vessels and containers;
  • custom-made exclusive constructions;
  • infrastructure constructions: overpasses, bridges and utility bridges;
  • module-type constructions: parking lots, warehouses, retail pavilions and agricultural- purpose facilities;
  • products ensuring operation of telecommunication and utilities equipment;
  • installation and flux welding of sheet-iron steel double-tee girders with complete melting of circumferential seams (girders’ height: 200mm-1000mm, flange width: 200mm-600mm and length: up to 15m).

Products of the TekhoStil Company

  • wall sandwich panels; 
  • roof sandwich panels;
  • plasterboard mouldings;
  • fire partitions;
  • metal sandwich panels;
  • shaped elements;
  • profiled flooring;
  • paint-coated coiled steel;
  • ventilated facades.
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